Mapping a file upload through your LGL form

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There are times when you want to upload files through your LGL form, such as when collecting waivers or other relevant documents from potential volunteers for your organization, or cover letters and resumes for a job opening. This article explains how to set up the mapping that will accomplish this in your form and how to access your files once they are uploaded.


  1. It is not possible to upload an actual file into your LGL account via an LGL form submission. What this process does instead is host the file and provide a link (URL) to where the hosted file can be accessed and downloaded.
  2. The maximum size allowed for file uploads is 10 MB per form submission. This means that if you want to allow multiple files to be uploaded in one form submission, the total size of the file/s can't exceed 10 MB.

Adding and mapping the file upload

When building your form, click the Add a field button to add a "File Upload" field as shown here:

Once you have added the "File Upload" field, save and publish your form. Then open your form mapping by clicking LGL Integration for your form.

 To map your "File Upload" field, locate it under Form Fields on the left side of the page and click on it. 

You can then map the File Upload field so that the LGL Field Type of "Note" and the LGL Field of "Note text" are selected, as shown here.

Or you can map your "File upload" field to a note by adding a “Note” record type, by clicking the Add record type button shown below:

When the new Note record is added, select Map a field and map the Form Field "File Upload" to the LGL Field "Note text". 

If you are bringing in any specific types of note, such as “Volunteer Waiver”, “Cover Letter”, or “Resume” that you want to track, we recommend setting the note type and adding a default to your mapping to assign the correct note type to your file uploads.

When you are collecting files of specific types, it is a good idea to offer fields in your form that allow users the option to either paste the text directly into a field or to upload the files. The upload fields are the ones named “Cover Letter" and "Resume" in the example mapping shown here:


Make sure you click the Save & Finish button whenever you make changes to your form mapping that you want to keep, before navigating away from the page, so that your changes aren't lost:

How to access uploaded files

Once a file has been uploaded through your LGL form, you will be able to access it in the following two ways:

  1. By downloading it directly from LGL Forms within the form submission data (go to your LGL Forms account and click into the submissions for the specific form), as shown here:
  2. By accessing the file’s URL in the constituent note (navigate to the constituent record and scroll down to the Related activity section to access the note):

You can then copy and paste the URL into a web browser window where you can download it.

NOTE: If you click the "More" link following the URL shown above, the file may update to a clickable version that you can easily click to download (depending on which web browser you are using).