Send customized email tax receipts/annual statements

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Sending year-end tax receipts and/or annual statements is a great way to both give your donors the information they need to file their taxes and simultaneously thank them again for their support. It's also an opportunity to let them know how they have helped your mission, which is critical for donor retention and just makes good sense.

You can create these year-end tax receipts, or annual statements, in Little Green Light and then email them to your donors according to the instructions that follow.

Is there a simple way to pull in every donor and prepare a mailing to some and an email to others?

Yes, there is a simple approach for when you just want to prepare a year-end tax statement (or annual gift statement) for every donor. Please see Quickly generate a simple annual gift statement in your account.

Draft your email

You can draft your email within the Little Green Light email builder, or you can create your email draft in an email template and attach it to your email. Creating your email draft ahead of time gives you a chance to make sure you have all required information accounted for and to proofread your email text so that it reads clearly.

Here is an example of a year-end tax receipt/statement email (with merge fields added):

The key part of the letter is the merge field of [[gifts.2020.list]], which pulls a full itemization of the gifts—with dates, deductible amounts, and notes—into a list of gifts in the merged letter.

NOTE: The [[gifts.2020.list]] merge field will include in-kind gifts but will not show any amount (as it's a best practice for nonprofits not to provide a value, or deductible amount, for in-kind gifts). However, the table will show the gift note for an in-kind gift, if there is a note.

Once you have the email text complete in your email template or in another folder location you can copy and paste it from, you’ll be ready to create your year-end tax receipt/statement email.

Build a search (e.g., for last year's donors)

Begin by searching for “last year’s donors” in the Advanced Search area within the Constituents tab.* 

This search will pull in anyone who gave a gift "last year" (2020, in this case) with a gift type of “Gift” or “In Kind”.

* We are using the example of last year’s donors as the subset of your constituents who would typically receive a year-end tax statement, but you can search for whomever you would like to receive your year-end tax statements. If those you are targeting can’t be brought into a set of search results because they don’t specifically meet the search criteria, you can create a list of who does meet your criteria and then pull that list into your search.

Send your email

You can then follow these instructions to complete the sending of your emailed tax receipts/statements.