Reports: Use "Smart" fields to enhance constituent report building and mailings

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How do "Smart" fields work?

With LGL's "Smart" field reporting feature, you can create customized, calculated fields that can be used both in constituent reports and in mailings.

The fields available for this type of customization are:

  • Total Giving
  • First Gift
  • Last Gift
  • Largest Gift

For example, if you are continually pulling reports that should include information about a constituent's total giving to your Annual Campaign this fiscal year and last fiscal year, you could create two total giving "Smart" fields, like this:


Once this is done, you will have two new fields in your "Gift/Pledge/Goal Fields" options for custom report building:


These fields will also be available for use as new merge fields in any mailings that you do as well:


Creating a new "Smart" field

To create a new smart field, go to the Reports > Constituent Reports > Smart Fields page, and click the Add smart field button.

From there, you can name and describe your smart field. The name will be used to generate the mail merge code, if used in a mailing, and will display in the "Smart" fields section on the report customization form.


Then you can save the field, and it will be on your list of "Smart" fields.


Using "Smart" fields in a mailing

By default, "Smart" fields are accessible in mailings, but if you don't want a particular one listed there, simply uncheck the "Use in Mailings?" checkbox.

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