Resync incorrect or incomplete LGL Forms submission records to your LGL account

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Why resync incorrect or incomplete form submission records?

In LGL Forms, if you notice that the data submissions coming through your form are incorrect or incomplete, it is likely that your form mapping needs to be corrected so that the data will come through as expected. 

Once any mapping issues are found and updated, the changes will apply to all future form submissions. It’s crucial to test the form to make sure it is working properly, and to apply your mapping corrections to previously submitted form data by unsaving and resyncing the form submission records. 

Detailed instructions for this process are included in the sections that follow.

General guidelines for troubleshooting your form mapping

Some general ways to find the cause/s of incorrect or incomplete data in your form submissions require making sure that:

  • Each field in your form is mapped to the correct field in Little Green Light
  • You’ve added all the defaults that are needed
  • You’ve tested your form thoroughly, one submission at a time, in all the different ways in which your users may submit it, to find additional areas needing work or to confirm that all is working as expected

NOTE: When you have learned this cycle, you can apply it to every form you map.

Unsaving form submissions that were previously saved

When there are submission records from your LGL form that contain incorrect or incomplete data, your first step will be to inspect and correct the form’s mapping to make sure all fields are mapped correctly.

Then, to correct the existing form submissions, you have two options:

  1. The first option, which is often the easiest and most efficient to complete, is to temporarily disable the requirement to review submissions in the queue by unchecking the "Require review before saving?" option on your forms mapping page.
    Once you have done this, you can skip the unsaving step described below and go straight to the resyncing process described in the last section of this article
  2. For situations where the data as originally mapped was completely wrong or it created records that need to be removed, the best option is to resync them, unsave them in your LGL account, and re-save them. This will cause the data to be corrected and re-added to your LGL account. To do this, navigate to the Saved page in your LGL Forms Submission Queue, locate the specific submission/s, and click "Undo Save" for each submission record. 

Testing your form mapping updates

Please follow these instructions to test how your form data will appear once it is saved in your account.

Resyncing the form submissions

Your final step is to find the submissions in LGL Forms that you had unsaved and to resync them, which will bring the data back into the LGL Forms Submission Queue in your LGL account. To do this, navigate to the Submissions page in LGL Forms and click "Re-sync to LGL" for each applicable submission. 

The submission/s will then land in your Unsaved LGL Forms Submission Queue, where you can review/save them.