Map your LGL form to create a contact report

To create a contact report through your LGL form, first navigate to your LGL Forms account, visit the Forms page, and click on the LGL Integration link for your form, as shown here:

 Now click the +Add record type button and choose the Contact Report option, as shown here:

Now you can set up the “Contact report #1” mapping, using the fields for which you want to collect data in your contact report. 

For example, you can set up “Submission Date” as “Contact rpt. date” and choose a large text field in your form to map to the "Contact rpt. text" field (this will show up as "Details" in LGL). Keep in mind, you must map data to the “Contact rpt. text” field in LGL in order for the contact report to be created.

NOTE: Please review Mapping contact report fields to see which fields are required to create a contact report. (This article describes importing data into LGL, but the same rules apply to mapping form fields.)