Add an image to your form's confirmation email

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To insert an image into the confirmation email that will be sent to users who submit your LGL form, please follow the instructions provided below.

NOTE: This article assumes you have already created a form and that you understand what a confirmation email is.

Upload your image to your LGL Forms account

The ability to insert an image into your confirmation email requires first uploading the image to your LGL Forms account.

NOTE: Images should be in PNG (recommended) or JPEG format, and any image you upload can be up to (but not larger than) 10 MB in size.

Navigate to the LGL Forms Design tab, where you can access images available to use in LGL Forms. Click the Upload image button. 

Assuming your image is saved in a folder on your computer, browse to the image and choose it, so the name of the image appears in the uploader as shown below. Then click the Upload image button to save it.

Add the image to your confirmation email

Now that your image has been uploaded into LGL Forms, it will be available from the WYSIWYG Editor in the Content pane on the Confirmation Email page for each form in your account. 

To add the image to the confirmation email for a specific form, click the Confirmation option for that form on your Active Forms page:

On the Confirmation Email page, place your cursor within the Content pane where you want to insert the image. Then click the Insert/edit image button in the WYSIWYG Editor:

Now when you click the Insert/edit image icon to add an image to your confirmation email or confirmation page, choose your image from those that are available in the Image list dropdown menu. Then click Ok.

You should now see your image in your confirmation email text.