Searching and reporting on consecutive years of giving

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Little Green Light displays the consecutive years of giving (including gifts, pledges, in-kind gifts, soft credits, and matching gifts) for an individual constituent at a glance, for your database as a whole from your Dashboard, and via searching and reporting.

Note: Consecutive years of giving is calculated on a daily basis and can be updated on demand from the Dashboard by clicking the Refresh button.

Configuring how consecutive years of giving is calculated in your account

Any Administrator in your account can configure the setting to calculate based on different parameters. You can make these changes by going to Settings > Subscription settings > Gift settings, scrolling to near the bottom of the page, clicking the Edit button to make the updates, and then saving your changes:

Search on consecutive years of giving from the Constituents page by selecting the “Consecutive years of giving” criterion in the Advanced Search options:

You can include consecutive years of giving in constituent reports by including it among your report columns:

Pulling the data into a mailing

You can bring consecutive years of giving into a mailing by using the merge field [[gifts.consecutive_years]].

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