Manage your LGL Forms account

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You can manage administrative details related to your LGL Forms account on the Admin tab. From that tab, you can click on the item in bold in the list below to update what is described following it:

  • Account info: Update your account name
  • Billing: Review/change your billing information and invoices
  • Payment accounts: Add an additional Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay account (if you need two, for instance, if you are have a 501c3 and 501c4)
  • Users: Manage/add users and "approved emails"

Account information

There's not too much to do here besides update your account name.


On this page you can change the credit card used for monthly billing or cancel your LGL Forms account. You can also see your current balance (if there is one) and review the list of invoices that have been processed.

Payment accounts

Your Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay payment account will be listed here, if you have one set up. You can also add an additional Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay account if needed:


The last page in the Admin area is the Users tab. As shown in the screenshot below, this page shows all users who can log into/access your LGL Forms account, as well as all Approved Emails, which are email addresses/names that can be used in confirmation notices.

Here are some key points to know about Users and Approved Emails in LGL Forms:

  • All administrators in your LGL account can gain access to your LGL Forms account, but they are not automatically created as LGL Forms users. To become an LGL Forms user, they need to navigate from the Forms tab in LGL to LGL Forms. They will be prompted to create a user account.
  • You can add additional LGL Forms users who are not part of your LGL account. This is handy if you are working with a web designer, for instance, who needs access to your forms but you do not necessarily want to give them access to LGL proper.
  • Approved emails are what you can put in the "Reply-To" field for any confirmation notice that gets sent by one of your forms. Users are automatically included in this list, but sometimes you may want to have responses to your confirmation email go to an email address that should not also be connected to a user (like

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