Introduction to LGL forms

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What is LGL forms?

LGL forms is a system that lets anyone build and publish HTML/web forms to collect information online, with no coding required.

LGL forms is a service of Little Green Light that is provided for no extra fee for forms that do not require payment processing. If your form accepts donations, transaction fees will be assessed by the payment processor/s you select to use. More details on transaction fees for each payment processor available to use with LGL forms are accessible on the LGL Forms Donations/Payment Accounts page in your LGL forms account.

Why should I use LGL forms?

LGL forms connected with a Little Green Light donor management account save you time by making data and payment collection simpler. This is because the data flows from the LGL form directly to LGL automatically, which can offer significant time savings.

You can also use LGL forms (with Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay) to collect one-time or recurring online donations and payments. Data from these donations and payments, too, can flow automatically into LGL.

How does it work?

Building and publishing a form using LGL forms is a straightforward point-and-click process. If you are new to LGL forms, you can get started by reading the following articles:

  1. Set up your LGL forms account
  2. Enable payments through Stripe, PayPal, or ProPay
  3. Create themes that you can apply to any form
  4. Build a form
  5. Set up your form's confirmation options
  6. Publish your form

Watch a video about getting started with LGL forms