Forms: Verify email addresses by requiring duplicate email address entry

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In LGL Forms, the Email field in an form requires a validly formatted email address to be entered in order to allow the form to be submitted. Here is an example of a validly formatted email address:

However, it is still possible for an incorrect email address to be submitted in a form if there are any misspellings in the name or domain name.

To discourage the entry of an incorrect email address in your LGL form, you can enable a setting that will display two email address fields in your form and require both to be completed with a validly formatted email address in order for the form to be submitted. 

This setting is known as “Email verification”.

When this setting is enabled on the Email field and the user enters two different email addresses, the form will display this notification:

Enable email verification

To enable email verification, edit the Email field in your form:

Check the “Require verification?” box shown here:

When you save the change, you’ll see the Verify Email field has been added to your form. Anyone submitting your form iwill see

NOTE: If there are multiple email addresses in your form, you will need to require or not require email verification for each field independently.