Forms: Collect many tribute gifts for one person through an LGL form

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IMPORTANT NOTE: This article assumes you are familiar with how to use the LGL Tributes feature and how to set up tribute notifications that you will map to in your form.

The term "tribute gifts" refers to gifts given either in honor or in memory of someone. 

You can use an LGL form to collect multiple tribute gifts for one person. This article describes how to map a form that will accomplish this. 

If you want to build a form to collect one-off tribute gifts for multiple individuals, you will need to use a separate process described here.

Using a form to accept many gifts to a named tribute

Building a form to collect tribute gifts for one person is simple because: 

  • You don’t need to ask donors whether they are making a tribute gift
  • The form can collect donations for a named tribute only
  • You won’t need any fields to capture notification data
  • Your form won’t require any rules to be applied to fields

You can map the fields as you normally would. The only extra step you’ll need for this form is a default mapping to the named tribute, because every gift coming through the form will be coded to the named tribute.

Here is an example of a form that collects tribute gifts:

Below is how your gift mapping should look. If needed, refer to these instructions on adding a default to your form.

Once your mapping looks like the screenshot, save your default and then save the changes to your mapping.

Be sure you test your form and inspect the data to see if it was submitted as expected.