Sync donations from LGL Forms to Double the Donation

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What is Double the Donation?

Double the Donation discovers matching gift opportunities and nudges donors to submit their matching gift request directly to their employer. For more information on Double the Donation, please visit the Double the Donation website.

What does the integration do?

The integration has two key components:

1. Sync LGL form submissions to your Double the Donation account

With this integration, you can check a box in forms you create in LGL Forms for donation submissions to be automatically sent to your Double the Donation account. Importantly, you should only check this box when the form is strictly a donation form, since you would not want to prompt people to pursue matching gifts for event registration fees or other non-donation payments.

2. Embed the Double the Donation matching widget on your form confirmation pages

With this integration, you can also embed a Double the Donation widget on the confirmation pages for the donation forms you create in LGL Forms. This widget helps donors learn about and participate in their employer's matching program. 

image of Double the Donation widget

Getting started

  1. Prerequisites:
    1. LGL Forms is required for your donation forms (LGL Forms is available in your Little Green Light account)
      1. Your LGL Forms account needs to be enabled for payments using Stripe or PayPal.
    2. You need to have a Double the Donation account and use their 360MatchPro product.
  2. Enable the integration in your LGL account in Settings > Integration settings (look for it on the left side of the page).
    1. You'll enter the public and private keys from your Double the Donation account.

  3. You will see a checkbox on the Edit page of your any of your payments-enabled forms:
  4. There are two really important points to keep in mind here:

    One is that you should only choose this option on donation forms, not on event registration forms or other payment forms that are not for donations. That is because company matching is only for donations, so you do not want to follow-up with people about non-donation payments. Even if your form is a combination of an event registration and an optional donation, do not turn on the sync for that form.

    Second is that you do need to check the box on each form you want to sync. So, if you have two donation forms, for example your usual donation form and then a special Giving Tuesday form, you should check this box on each of them.

  5. In the Confirmation Page editor you'll see a button to insert the Double the Donation widget:

Click that button to insert a merge field that will place the handy Double the Donation widget onto your confirmation page.

When the donor submits a donation on a form that is enabled as described above, then:

  • Donations will be sent over to your Double the Donation account, and 
  • The donor will see the Double the Donation widget on their confirmation page.