Adding images to mailings and emails

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View an LGL Short Video on adding images and inserting them into a mailing or email

Upload an image to LGL

Image files can be uploaded and used in PDF mailings or regular emails that you produce in LGL. Images should be in .png (recommended) or .jpeg format.

To begin, navigate to the Mailings tab and select the Images link from the dropdown menu:

Next click on the Upload image button:

Then browse for the image you'd like to upload by selecting Choose file. This will allow you to search for and select the image from your computer. You can choose the display name of your image (or leave the box blank to use the name of the file) and provide a description of the image file if you wish. To save the image file to LGL, click Save.

Add an image to a mailing or email

When you're adding letter content to a mailing using LGL's Simple text editor or creating email content using LGL Email, you can select a saved image file to insert into that mailing or email.

To begin, place your cursor in the spot in the letter content box where you'd like to add your image and click on the image icon on the toolbar to open up a list of saved images:

Then select the image from the Image List and click Insert. (NOTE: You can adjust the size or alignment of the image in this menu prior to selecting Insert.)

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