Getting around

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You can navigate around LGL by clicking on the various sections or tabs at the top of each page. A specific Knowledge Base category is dedicated to each section. Here's an overview of what you'll find in each section:

Home tab

From your home page, you can get a summary of your fundraising, goals and tasks, and other activities.

Constituents tab

To see your whole list of constituents, click on the Constituents tab.

From here you can run advanced searches, filter results, build custom lists, click in to review full constituent details, edit constituents, export data in spreadsheet or PDF format, and lots more.

Fundraising tab

To see all fundraising-related information, click on the Fundraising tab. This will give you access to all gifts, in-kind gifts, pledges, soft credits, memorial donations, and honorary donations.

From here you can view gifts by date range, filter them by multiple criteria, and export them in PDF or spreadsheet format. You can also view, add, and edit all of your campaigns, funds, appeals, and events.

Activity tab

A key feature of LGL is that you can track all of your interactions with every one of your constituents. To see all activity, click on the Activity tab.

Mailings tab

LGL includes a powerful set of mail merge tools that you can access and manage from the Mailings tab

Forms tab

LGL accounts include access, for the Administrator and Gift Entry roles, to an LGL Forms account. LGL Forms let you create web-based forms for collecting information and donations from your website visitors.

Settings tab

Administrators can manage all of your subscription-level settings (fiscal year, account name, billing and payment, menu options, look and feel, etc.) on the Settings tab.

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