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We're committed to providing you with quality resources to help you quickly become familiar with using Little Green Light. The offerings listed below are useful for prospective customers and new users alike. If you're brand-new to LGL, we recommend these resources to help you learn your way around the product and to explore using it.

Join a free webinar

Introductory Tour webinar (1 hour)

Each week, we offer a live guided tour of Little Green Light. During this webinar, we highlight some key areas of functionality. It also offers an opportunity to ask questions of our staff (during the Q&A period). The focus of this webinar is to provide insights on what LGL can do but does not go into detail on how to do those functions, and is primarily geared to prospective or trial customers. Click here to register for an upcoming session or watch a recorded version.

Can multiple people from one organization join this webinar?

Yes, and the more the merrier! We suggest following up the tour with a team de-briefing and sending any followup questions to us. We'll be happy to answer!

Basic Training webinars (1 hour each)

From the Help page in your Little Green Light account, you can sign up for our Basic Training webinars, which cover the following core topics:

  1. Constituent entry and coding
  2. Gift entry, coding, and acknowledgments
  3. Search and reporting

Use the LGL Training Course

This resource is a compilation of articles from our Knowledge Base, presented in an order designed to help you learn the basics of using Little Green Light. We suggest viewing the Table of Contents first and then reading the articles in the order listed, or clicking through to whatever sections interest you.

The Training Course is available here.

Watch training videos in the Video Library

Little Green Light has a growing library of short videos that help illustrate how to perform certain functions in LGL.

In addition, if you're just starting out using LGL, we recommend viewing these training videos in the following order to receive a basic introduction in using the product:

  1. Basic Training: Constituents 101
  2. Basic Training: Gift Management 101
  3. Basic Training: Reporting 101

Read the Knowledge Base

Lastly, we encourage you to browse and study the LGL Knowledge Base. It is chock-full of helpful articles, video clips, and best practice recommendations. You can also join our mailing list if you'd like to receive emails containing product updates, fundraising and database best practices, and new help resources.

Download fundraising learning guides, email courses, and ebooks

Access detailed guidance on getting to know Little Green Light, retaining donors after a giving day, improving your fundraising efforts, running a successful appeal, and much more.