GivingTuesday preparedness

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This short article is intended to be a central, curated resource that gathers multiple resources from around LGL into one place to help you prepare for GivingTuesday.

Guidance from LGL’s blog and website
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Communicating with your GivingTuesday donors

A vital part of having a successful GivingTuesday is communication. Many organizations rely on email to communicate with donors and prospects about their GivingTuesday efforts and to direct donors to the appropriate donation page(s).

Either Mailchimp or Constant Contact will offer you the following:
Important notes with regard to LGL Direct Email:
  • LGL Direct Email is not intended to replicate the feature set of either Mailchimp or Constant Contact
  • Any email you send directing people to your donation page(s) must be CAN-SPAM compliant. You will have to make it compliant on your own because LGL does not offer built-in automatic CAN-SPAM compliance for LGL Direct Email
  • If you hope to activate LGL Direct Email and use it for the first time with GivingTuesday, it is unlikely to work for you. You will likely need to use Mailchimp or Constant Contact instead