Enhanced checkout in LGL Forms: Google Pay, Apple Pay, and ACH

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How does enhanced checkout work?

If you use Stripe as your LGL Forms payment processor, you can offer your donors three additional ways to pay (besides a credit card):

  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • ACH bank transfer

Enabling enhanced checkout

To enable these options, go to your LGL Forms > Admin page, and click on the Payment Accounts tab. In the row for your Stripe payment account, check the “Enable enhanced checkout” box in the Payment Options column:

Google Pay as a new checkout option

Once you've checked the box shown in the screenshot above, Google Pay will become available as a checkout option in LGL Forms. The Google Pay option will display on the checkout page to any user who is using a Chrome browser or Android phone and has their Google Pay wallet enabled. This will work for both LGL-hosted forms and embedded forms.

  • Google Pay: Google Chrome and Android devices that are set up with Google Pay will see Google Pay as a checkout option.

Apple Pay (domain registration required)

Once you've enabled the enhanced checkout option, Apple Pay will become available in LGL-hosted forms but not yet in embedded forms. To enable Apple Pay in embedded forms, you'll need to register and verify your domain(s) with Apple (more on that below). If you are not familiar with the difference between LGL-hosted forms and embedded forms, see our help article Publish a form.

  • Apple Pay: Safari and iOS devices that are set up with Apple Pay will see Apple Pay as a checkout option on LGL-hosted forms.  

Register and verify domains to enable Apple Pay for embedded forms

For security, Apple requires that websites that use embedded forms register and verify the domain(s) where they embed forms. To do this, follow the steps below: 

  1. Go to this page in Stripe: https://stripe.com/docs/payments/payment-methods/pmd-registration
  2. Complete the steps listed in these two sections of that page:

    a) "Register your domain", and

    b) “Verify your domain with Apple Pay”

Be sure you include any sub domains where you might be embedding LGL Forms. This includes "www". In other words, if your website is located at https://www.domain.org, you'll want to register "www.domain.org" and you can also register “domain.org”.

If you choose not (or if you are not able) to register and verify your domain with Apple, then for any LGL form that you embed we strongly recommend turning off the Apple Pay option. You can do that on the Edit page for the form. The reason to turn this off is that Apple will continue to show the Apple Pay option if the form is embedded, but without a verified domain it will fail.

ACH needs to be turned on as an option in each form

After your Stripe account is enabled for enhanced checkout in LGL Forms, a new option in the Payment Account area of the forms editor will become available where you can add ACH as an option for a given form.

Once turned on, the donor will see an option to use a U.S. bank account upon checkout:

Processing time for ACH transactions

ACH transactions typically require four business days to process (ACH is not an instantaneous method of payment, like credit cards are). Because of this delay, LGL Forms will show ACH transactions in a “Pending” status until the transaction is complete:

Once the ACH transaction is complete, the status will change to “Paid”. Any sending of confirmation emails or internal notifications, in addition to the LGL sync, will take place at that time.