Set up your LGL forms account

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Steps for setting up your LGL forms account

To set up your LGL forms account, navigate to the Forms tab from within your existing LGL account.

Review the information there, and if you want to proceed, click the "Set up LGL forms" button. NOTE: if the button reads "Go to LGL Forms", this means that someone has already done the initial setup.

Clicking the "Set up LGL Forms" button will do two things:

  • Create an LGL forms account that is linked to your LGL account
  • Create an LGL forms user account that is linked to your LGL login (same email and password).

Once this is complete (it happens in a few seconds), you will be taken to your LGL forms account.

Next steps

Your next steps will be to:

  • Create a theme if you want to customize the look and feel of your form
  • Create your new form
  • Activate payments if you want your form to accept donations